Current Lab Members
Prof. Chun Liang (
Lab Director
Membership: August 2005 - Present
Mr. Minghua Li (
Class: Ph.D. Graduate Student
Major: CMSB
Membership: Aug 2018 - Present
Projects: Multi-omics data analysis and Cancer Genomics
Mr. Chao Wang (
Class: Ph.D. Graduate Student
Major: CMSB
Membership: Aug 2019 - Present
Projects: Transposable elements in cancer genomes and machine learning applications in cancer omics.
Mr. Patrick Burridge (
Class: Undergraduate Student '21
Majors: Biology and Neuroscience
Membership: December 2019 - Present
Projects: Human Repeatome Annotation
Mr. Luke Lunday (
Class: Undergraduate student
Major: Mathematics & Statistics
Membership: October 2020 - Present
Project: Machine Learning on Inverted Repeats and Tandem Repeats in Cancer Genomes
Ms. Anjali Gupta (
Class: Undergraduate student
Majors: Biology
Membership: Aug 2018 - Present
Project: Gene Network Analysis
Mr. Luke Liang (
Class: Talawanda High School Student
Majors: Computer Science
Membership: Aug 2020 - Present
Project: i-CRISPRdb: An integrated CRISPR database for bacterial and archaeal genomes