Our open-access databases that have been published

  1. JNSViewer (Arabidopsis Database of DNA/RNA Secondary Structures) (PLoS ONE, 12: e0179040)
  2. PineDB (an update for ConiferEST) (BMC Genomics, 8:134)
  3. PeanutDB (BMC Plant Biology, 12:94)
  4. YouGenMap (Front Genet, 5:183)
  5. PlantOrDB (a comprephesive ortholog database in plants) (BMC Plant Biology, 15:161)

Our open-access databases under development

  1. i-CRISPRdb (An integrated CRISPR database for bacterial and archaeal genomes) (PeerJ, under review)
  2. SCRISPRdb
  3. Polyadenylation Atlas Database
  4. BTIR: Bacillus thuringiensis Information Resource

The internal databases that require special permission to access

  1. Research Computing Support