Optimal Target Prediction and Visualization for Genome Editing with CRISPR/Cas Systems

CT-Finder (2016-May-13) is a web service that allows a user to upload DNA sequences, set specifications according to experimental goals, and receive candidate guide RNA targets. Optimal candidates can be chosen through consideration of predicted off-target effects. A visualization of on-target and off-target matches against the chosen reference genome is provided in JBrowse.

Three modes are available:

(1) Cas9 system - Returns candidate single guide RNA targets

(2) Cas9 nickase (Cas9n) system - Returns candidate paired guide RNA targets

(3) RNA guided Fok1 nuclease (RFN) system - Returns candidate paired guide RNA targets

"C2c2/Cas13a" is a new mode for RNA targeting, which is available on the left-side menu.

How to Cite CT-Finder:

Zhu H, Misel L, Graham M, Robinson ML, Liang C. (2016) CT-Finder: A Web Service for CRISPR Optimal Target Prediction and Visualization. Sci. Rep. 6, 25516.

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