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YouGenMap (Version: 2014-05-20)

YouGenMap is a genetic map viewer that lets users upload, display, download, update, share, and compare sets of mapping and marker annotation data. With YouGenMap, genetic maps and their annotations become dynamic community assets. This is possible because users can upload and display maps within minutes, view comparisons with other maps, download sets of map and annotation data (mapsets), and upload revised versions of any mapset. See here for file formats that are supported for upload

YouGenMap has flexible options for displaying correspondences among maps, which currently includes nine types of marker, sequence, and gene identifiers. Mapped features can be annotated with additional types of information. Clicking on a feature in a displayed map will show its annotations and map data. YouGenMap’s correspondence drawing function provides a powerful tool for comparative mapping. Researchers can use comparative mapping to detect conservation of gene order between species or detect variations of marker order between different pedigrees or mapping methods within a species. While various map drawing programs and web services can be used for comparative mapping, they are either platform-specific (i.e., MapChart) or require intervention by a database manager (i.e., CMap, NCBI Map Viewer).

To create a mapset, download the mapset template below (simple_sample_mapset1 or complete_simple_mapset1), each which contains instructions. The difference between the two is that the simple version keeps it short and sweet while the comlete version can have a map set's data be more fully expressed. The option of also downloading existing public map set data can be done to see more examples.

Mapsets are loaded into the database with the convenient Maps > Upload Data navigation on the left menu bar. Examples for using correspondence data can be found among the three sample mapsets provided below. For immediate viewing and exploring comparative mapping functions, these sample mapsets are available by navigation Maps > Display > Species > Sample Species. An interactive walkthrough of the functionality of YouGenMap can also be started from selecting Demo. All this can be done without the creation of an account. Any data uploaded without an account is flagged as public data and viewable for all. An account must be made for the data to be flagged as private.

All public data can be viewed by navigation of Maps > Display Data on the left menu bar as well as downloaded by Maps > Download Data. This can be done without an account. The use of an account is for uploading and managing your own private data as well as viewing and searching it. If you mark you data private, no one else can view it except you.

For information on YouGenMap, see our wiki.

Video Tutorials
Demo Tutorial
Upload Tutorial

Sample Data

simple_sample_mapset1.xlsx complete_sample_mapset1.xlsx
simple_sample_mapset2.xlsx complete_sample_mapset2.xlsx
simple_sample_mapset3.xlsx complete_sample_mapset3.xlsx